Thinking of playing some online pokies and slots? Whether you are looking to have some fun playing the free online pokies or you want to play for real money, understanding your options and learning the differences between the various types of online slots and casino websites is your best bet to increasing your odds of winning and maximising your playing time and enjoyment. The problem with the online gambling world is that like any venture where big money can potentially be won, the crooks and thieves come out of the woodwork and will try anything and everything to swindle you out of your money or worse, cheat the casino systems and in so doing decrease the odds for every other honest player…. and the more we thought about how messed up that is the more we realised that education is key here and the better informed you are the less likely it is you will be fooled or sign up to an online casino that is less than reputable.

So we put this FAQ and Guide to Online Pokies Together – to provide you with straight up answers to any and all questions relating to playing slot machines and pokies from your computer or tablet. Let’s start with a really easy one…

Online Pokies & Slots – Common Misconceptions & Frequently Asked Questions



What Are Online Pokies & Slots?

Pokies are Slots – Slot Machines arrived in Australia in a 3 and 5 Reel format with Poker cards as the symbols and the aim being to beat the house with your 5 cards. Poker Machines therefore seemed the logical name and in typical Australian colloquialism we decided there were just too many syllables and words there and promptly shortened it from Poker Machine to Pokie.

Slot Machines is to Slots as Poker Machines is to Pokies. And Pokies is … something else according to Google Image search results! Americans it appears have also adopted the term ‘Pokie’ and as a result I am now second guessing my decision to publish my “How To Play with Pokies” guide. 😉
See this Wiki entry for more information about the Pokies and Slots à

What is the Difference Between Online Pokies and the ones You Find in the Pub?

Technically nothing. Both operate using a computer program and a random number generating (RNG) algorithm and both have the same or similar betting options, pay out bonuses and reel imagery – but that’s where the similarities end, because unlike their real world brothers, online pokies and all slots online casino games have the highest RTP (Return To Player) rate of all slot machines and pokies – anywhere!
Return to Player Rate refers to the minimum percentage of return that the Pokie / slot machine will return to the player overall. The industry minimum is legally 86% although most offline casinos will try to aim for around 90% return so they stay above the legal minimum AND the extra return keeps players coming back. The RTP Rate for online pokies is usually around 95% – and more reason why playing pokies online – whether for fun or for real money – is always the better option.

The other big difference is in the variety and availability of new and exciting games and formats. Where the local RSL, pub and club gives you maybe 50 or so machines to choose from – with each section of the casino floor devoted to different types, usually restricted by the cost of each – $1 bet pokies sit together and 20c minimum bet, all the way down to the 1c machines. Sometimes you will get a whole bank of popular types of pokies – example the Queen of the Nile or 5 Dragons (both Aristocrat Pokies) where all the 1c machines are mixed with the 10c, 50c and every other combination.
When you join up with an online Casino (like Spin Palace for example) you are not restricted by the amount you choose to bet as all machines allow you to bet upwards of $50 a press – if that’s how you roll – but even better than this fact is the knowledge that you don’t just have 50 or so pokies and slot machines to choose from. You have over 300 – all designed to provide the same enhanced experience that you have come to know and love at y our local – and because the guys who built this love their pokies as much as you do they have made sure there are alternatives to all your favourites from Gaming companies like iGT, Ainsworth, and of course Aristocrat.

*Looking to play Queen of the Nile, Big Red or any of your other favorite Aristocrat branded pokies from the comfort of your home or office?
Check out our Guide to the Best Australian Pokies and play your favourite Aristocrat Pokies Online Completely Free! No Download, No registration – Just click and play Aristocrat pokies online right now

How Do I Know if The Online Pokies are Equal and Fair?

Online casinos are required by the law to have all their pokies & slot machines programmed with an up to date Random Number Generator. The RNG randomly generates numbers corresponding to the free pokies games, making the results completely random and impossible to predict. To ensure that the RNGs are up to date, the online casinos are audited by independent casino auditing bodies such as eCOGRA. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) and G4 – the Global Gambling Guidance Group provide certification of compliance – and no this is not something that can be ‘faked’ – in fact the security surrounding these groups and online casino gambling in general is up there with that of Fort Knox and Military bases!

Learn more about the various regulatory organisations and Licensing Jurisdictions that govern online casino websites and gambling over the internet by visiting our Online Gambling Resource Page

What Assurances/Badges Should I look for when Joining an Online Casino?

As mentioned above, there are 4 main groups that govern online gambling and police the online casinos to maintain fair game play and unbias results. These groups all provide badges of accreditation to the online casinos that have met all their needs, and obviously those that pass display it with pride – usually on the home page in the footer or towards the bottom of the page. The Groups are:

  • eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance)
  • EGBA (European Gaming & Betting Association)
  • IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Services)
  • G4 (Global Gambling Guidance Group)


Are the Welcome Bonuses Worth Anything and Can I Actually Collect on Them?

Yes!! Welcome Bonuses and sign up incentives are the way the Casinos compete against each other for your loyalty. Because these bonuses and incentives are purely a marketing exercise there is no catch and it really is a case of trying to find the best one to suit your gambling style and total initial expenditure. More often than not the sign up Welcome Bonus is matched on a dollar for dollar basis – sometimes up to as much as $2000! – that’s $2000 free they are giving you! Not sure about you but $2000 credit to play online pokies that have at least a 5% better Return Rate is a no brainer!

Can I Withdraw My Welcome Bonus Now?

Generally no, not straight away anyway. Most online casinos offer the bonus and signup incentives with the condition that this money is put through their online slots, pokies, poker or blackjack tables at least once. Check the fine print before signing anything and make sure it is just once. Basically the Casino wants you to at least ‘Use’ the free cash they gave you so the Casino at least has a (5%) chance of winning the money back. Of course once you have put it through once you can simply cash out what is left – which was all free in the first place I might add!
Check the fine print from your chosen Casino as some require this initial bonus to be gambled up to 3 times!?! *Spin Palace – Our #1 Recommended Online Casino only requires their signup bonus to be put through their online pokies or blackjack table once only so if you bet smart (see this guide on maximizing your pokie time and ultimately your winnings)

Can Australians Legally Gamble and Play Pokies at Online Casinos?

“When it comes to gambling online, Australians are perfectly within their legal rights to punt away – so long as the site is not located within Australia itself.”
First off –  It is illegal for operators to offer online gambling services from within the jurisdiction of Australia. This means that online casinos cannot operate legally from within Australian territory.

However, it is not illegal for Australian players to place wagers at online casinos that are situated outside Australia. If an online casino is situated in a foreign country Australians can access the casino through the Internet and enjoy playing online pokies and slots (free or otherwise) to their hearts content. Also there are no laws that prevent them from making a deposit or withdrawing funds.

What Casino Do You Recommend for Aussies?

Without doubt the first online Casino that comes to mind is Spin Palace. Spin Palace have the highest RTP rate of any Casino available to Aussies (public monthly audits to eCOGRA will confirm this) and furthermore have the best support and customer service – because I personally feel that the best Casino in the world is nothing if I can’t guarantee to speak to someone should something suddenly happen!?!
Spin Palace also provide allowances for the deposit and withdrawal of Australian dollars meaning you are not paying exchange rates and other pointless fees every time.

Read the Spin Palace Reviews and see for yourself what all the fuss is about:
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Can I Play Online Casino Slots with No Registration and No Download?

You’ve seen the flashing banners screaming ‘Free Slots No Download Play Now’ or Free Slots Games No Registration No Download’ and you’ve probably wondered how much of that is actually true, because really how can you play a slot machine on your computer or tablet without downloading something?
The Answer lies in something called ‘Emulators’ which are great pieces of code written in either Flash or HTML5 (just stick with me here) which gives these emulators the power to run an entire program (in this case an awesome free online pokie game) without the need for downloading or for any connection to your PC what-so-ever. And because these emulators run from within the page itself there is also no need for you to subscribe, sign up, or register in any way. Keep in mind that if wanted to start playing online slots for real money or you wished to explore the online casino a little more then you will need to register and officially join the online casino.

Can I Play My Favourite Aristocrat Pokies Online?

Yes! Thanks to our friends over at NYXGaming we have managed to secure emulators (yep, these are indeed no download no registration free online pokies!) for some of the most popular Aristocrat games, including Queen of the Nile, Big Red, Where’s the Gold, Big Ben, 5 Dragons, Double Happiness, Lucky 88 and Choy Sun Doa. There are also a range of free pokies for you to play from Ainsworth Gaming as well as some of the latest slots from Amaya including Superman and The Flash (Velocity)
Visit our home of Australian Pokies and online slots at – the website for reviews, ratings and free play of Australia’s favourite pokies and online slots.

Can I play for Free or is there a hidden catch?

Yes…NO! What? Playing Pokies and Online Slots Free is something you can do until the cows come home (and if the pokies’ feature involves returning bovine then double bonus!)
There really is no catch attached to playing free online pokies and slots because they were created for you to enjoy. Many players decide after some time of ‘practicing’ with free pokies to play real money slots – but there is no obligation to do so and at no stage will your account be frozen or your ‘pretend funds’ emptied. In fact once you run out of the ‘credits’ you can simply refill it.

Do Free Online Pokies Offer the Same Free Spins and Features/Bonuses?

Generally the Free versions of the real money pokies are exactly the same and offer the same features, bonuses and extras. Keep in mind though that in many instances the additional bonuses and free wild game bonuses are often connected to the Casino network itself and only those registered and paying are in with a chance to take home these bonuses

Is it possible to Win Real Money or Online Casino Credits when Playing Free Slots?

The thing to remember is that when you are playing online pokies and slots for free there is usually no way of the online casino knowing who you are. With real money slots there is a registration process that allows the casino website to know who you are and access your bank account (so they can send you all your winnings). Playing free pokies usually means you are just an IP address and a timestamp to them so even if you win something there is no way of knowing exactly who you are.
I personally recommend registering with your online casino of choice and then when you play the free games offered you will still be in the running to win any and all random bonuses they happen to be offering.

Are the Free Pokies Compatible with all Devices?

Yes. Whether you are downloading the over 300 awesome Pokies and Slot Machines made available through Spin Palace or you are playing a free Aristocrat Emulator from – the software/flash files are compatible with all devices and operating systems. Note that the games are not available through the Apple Store as they do not condone gambling websites so although the games are available on MAC and iOS they are not downloadable through iTunes. Same for Android devices.

Can I Play for Real Money AND Play Online Pokies Free at my Discretion?

Yes. You can switch between free pokies and real money betting on a whim. You can even stop mid game and head over to the blackjack table – there is no restrictions to what you do and how you engage with the various areas of the online casino. Note that generally there is free options for playing all games the online casino offers – and it is our recommendation that you take advantage of the free play offered and get some practice in.

Can I Withdraw My Pay Outs and Bonus Pokie Wins Immediately?

Yes and no. Even I am getting tired of giving you convoluted answers but in each case there is always fine print that needs to be discussed – and in the interest of full transparency and providing an online gambling and pokies related page that ACTUALLY PROVIDES TRUTHFUL INFORMATION I need to explain everything.
Yes you can withdraw your winnings and you can do it each and every month (with a limit of $4000 or so usually set by most online casinos) but when you first join up there are usually requirements set that need to be met before you can start withdrawing funds. These requirements are generally set around time and amount – meaning once you have been playing for X amount of time and/or once you have gambled Y through their online games you can withdraw your winnings

Are There Other Bonuses outside of Pokie Wins that I stand to win?

These days Online Casinos have to compete against a myriad of other casinos and online gambling sites and as a result it is we the punter that is benefiting. Damn straight you can win things outside of the Pokie or Slot machine you are playing – and heaps of opportunities too! Most Casinos will have constant campaigns and offers that provide you the punter with extra chances to win – and it can be anything from cars to cash to holidays!
Further to this are the presence of the Progressive Jackpot slots which link networks of Pokies and pool the Jackpot.>
To give you an idea what this potentially means, the Guinness World Record for the most won on an online progressive slots game was over $20millionUSD!  (See Original Article here)

What are Progressive Slots and Are They Better To Play than Normal Slots?

Progressive slots and slot machines have a jackpot that increases incrementally as players play the game. These can be standalone machines, where the jackpot increases on just that one machine, or they can be networks of machines, where the jackpot increases across the entire network.
Whether they are ‘better’ to play remains to be seen but they certainly add an extra element to the game, especially when you are talking about Jackpots in the millions of dollars.

Here in Australia we have progressive Slot machines in the casinos and RSLs (you’ve seen the trains or the pacman looking Mr Money dude? – they are progressive jackpots) but unlike the world of Vegas and American Casinos our jackpots are well under the $100,000 mark.

Progressive Jackpots in the States however would certainly get me playing the connected machines more often than I probably should.

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