Online Casino Glossary of Terms | A Guide to Pokies and Slots Speak

There are literally hundreds of different terms that are used by online pokies and gambling sites and you may recognize these terms in some casinos while other casinos may not use them at all. These words are some of the most popular ones that a player is likely to come across when visiting an online casino. Some of the terms listed in this glossary are less common but all have been used and recognised by the majority of casinos and players alike. The people have spoken…

online casino glossary of terms for pokies and slots

  • A – Autoplay – may also be called autospin which allows the player to select a number of spins they would like to play out automatically, so they do not have to keep hitting the spin button. Not all games have this feature.
  • B – Banking – this about the different kind of deposit and withdrawal methods that is available for that website. It may consists of e-Wallets, Wire Transfers, Prepaid Cards and Credit or Debit Cards.
  • C – Customer Support – for any technical issues or similar problems, players may contact the customer support to get their issue/query resolved.
  • D – Download Pokies – These are games that require players to install a program in their respective computers so that they can access the casino games of a certain site. Each download casino could have anywhere from 100 to 600 games.
  • F – Flash Pokies – These games are instant pokies games that may be launched easily. Flash pokies may be played without the player having to actually install any download program.
  • H – House Rules – this is the section wherein a player can learn about particular rules to each game and get more in-play help.
  • J – Jackpot – this is the biggest win (or the highest prize) that each game has.
  • L – Live Dealer Casino – The games available at Live Casinos are broadcast to the player’s device or computer from an actual secure casino setting. This includes real life dealers.
  • M – Mobile Casino – this is a casino that may be played on a mobile device using a mobile app.
  • P – Progressive Jackpot – an accumulating prize pool which is connected to a wider network.
  • P – Poker Machine or Pokie – Slot machines originally came in a 5 reel format with Poker cards so Australians naturally referred to them as Poker Machines – a phrase which we were quick to colloquialise. The ‘Pokie’ has been an Australian institution (and ongoing nuisance) ever since. – Learn more about the history of Pokies in Australia HERE
  • Q – Quick Play – a feature allows players to switch off the animations and other distracting features of the game to be able to speed the gameplay.
  • R – RNG – Random Number Generator is the name of the computer algorithm that controls the reels and resulting positions every time the button is pressed on the slot machine. This RNG is heavily policed by various governing bodies so as to maintain fairness and accuracy for all players and is another reason why online gambling has become such a safe and widespread practice enjoyed by so many people
  • R – RTP Rate – Return to Player Rate refers to the minimum percentage of return that the Pokie / slot machine will return to the player overall. The industry minimum is legally 86% although most offline casinos will try to aim for around 90% return so they stay above the legal minimum AND the extra return keeps players coming back. The RTP Rate for online pokies is usually around 95% – and more reason to play online pokies instead of their real world cousins
  • R – Registration – Players will need to complete a registration process before they could play for real money.
  • S – Sign up Bonus – a new player bonus that is for new players when they open a new account at the casino.
  • T – Terms and Conditions – this is everything they need to know about the casino and its promotions, payments and other important issues.
  • U – Underage – anyone that is below the allowable age to gamble is considered underage.
  • V – VIP Scheme – this is a reward for players that includes exclusive benefits. It is available for players who spend a lot of time and money in the casino.
  • W – Wagering Requirements – Players may need to wager a certain amount of cash before they are eligible to receive the full amount of the especial offer.

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