What is it with Pokies Anyway?

Technically they should not be fun – I mean it’s kind of like trying to play Super Mario without the ability to control where he goes…you would just press the button repeatedly and hope to god he went down that pipe and… NO DON’T JUMP ONTO THE…..oh great, there goes Mario along with my $50.

But Australian’s LOVE their pokies. In fact statistics will confirm the fact that Aussies are the 3rd largest consumer of Pokies and Slot Machines (both online and off) and on average spend $1200 a year – and that’s the average for EVERY AUSTRALIAN RESIDENT!…. Yep you translated that correctly, this means that since only 1 in every 5 people admits to ever playing a pokie or gambling the average punter spends over $6000 a year on the pokies?!  That’s a lot of 20c bets!! WHOA

australians and playing online pokies - legal or not?


Australians and Gambling – a Pokie Obsession?

Data from H2 Gambling Capital, a London based industry researcher, obtained by Fairfax Media last month, shows that Australians lose more money per adult on gambling than every other developed country.

Back in 2010, the Productivity Commission actually estimated the average loss for each Australian that gambled at $1,500. For what its worth, that review found there was an overall net benefit (through taxes and enjoyment) to the economy from gambling of between $3.7 billion and $11.1 billion), but the costs to problem gamblers were substantial and devastating, ranging from $4.7 billion to $8.4 billion That aside, what is clear is that Australians are leading the developed world on gambling losses. Whether a review of online sports gambling laws, and potentially, advertising of gambling during sports matches, does anything to curtail this, remains to be seen.

australians and gambling playing pokies

See Original Article and Source Credit at Sydney Morning Herald Here –> Australia’s Gambling Obsession

Australians and Online Gambling – Legal or Not?

This question has to be answered in two parts. It is illegal for operators to offer online gambling services from within the jurisdiction of Australia. This means that online casinos cannot operate legally from within Australian territory.

However, it is not illegal for Australian players to place wagers at online casinos that are situated outside of Australia. It goes without saying then that Australians are perfectly within their legal rights to gamble and play pokies and slots online to their hearts content so long as the Online Casino is not located within Australia – and since there are no online casinos currently operating within this great southern land it is fair to say that ‘Yes, Australians everywhere are legally protected and are well within their rights to access one of the more reputable online casinos and enjoy a flutter on the pokies or a spin on the blackjack whenever they feel like it.

australians and playing online pokies - legal or not?
YES! Aussies Can Gamble Online and it is completely LEGAL


What Are The Best Online Casinos For Aussies?

best australian online casinos

There are a huge number of internationally licensed online casinos for Australians to enjoy and we have reviewed a heap of them to bring you the top 2 Casinos that we still frequent and enjoy playing online games at. Our staff of experienced reviewers were given the task of going through a huge list of active online casinos and told to give you the very best legal Australian online casinos. Our criteria for judging includes:

  • Reliable, well established casinos that welcome Australian players
  • Withdrawals and Deposits in Australian Dollars (why pay exchange rates?!)
  • Massive jackpots and prize money – including Progressive and Combo Bonuses
  • Fantastic bonuses and reward schemes that generously reward heavier players
  • A wide variety of games for all skill levels. – Multiple Pokie Styles as well as other online casino games
  • Trusted and Reliable Feedback from other Aussie players
  • Customer Service and a 24/7 chat line or phone no – Local and not international!

The Best Australian online casinos have to first establish themselves as good online casinos by offering safe, secure and fair game play.

The best Australian online casinos have approval certificates from independent expert agencies such as eCOGRA. These agencies test the random number generator for fairness, the payment transfer systems for security and also audit the management processes. In the interest of keeping you sane we have done all the homework surrounding the licensing and certification of each of the online casinos we have reviewed and can assure you that we would and do only recommend those which have passed the most stringent of tests.

MONEY!! – Yes we all want more of it, but something else we sometimes overlook or forget when hunting for the perfect online casino is the manner in which funds are transacted. This of course means making sure the online casino provides the ability to deal directly in Aussie dollars – because why should you pay exchange rates and associated fees just because the online casino is not setup to take your Australian money?!

Security and Fairness is obviously paramount when looking for the best aussie casino for playing pokies online but without doubt the second most important criteria for being rated as a top Australian Online casino for Australians is Customer support
Customer Support is the core of any site that provides a service and the biggest gripe I hear from online casino regulars is the lack of support that exists on so many of the less reputable online casino sites around.  When reviewing the various casinos we looked very seriously at the support and decided that if it was not instant, local and relevant then the casino would not even make our list. For an Online Casino to make our list of the TOP 3 ONLINE CASINOS FOR AUSSIES it needed Phone and internet chat support to be provided locally by Australians andthe phone number had to be toll free or local. Finally, we made sure the casino in question actually focused on Australian Sports and gambling relevant to this country – we are a nation of sports stars after all.

Australian players sign up at online casinos for a great gaming experience, and you must be sure that this is available at your chosen site. Here the software provider to the online casino is of paramount importance. The best software providers like Microgaming and Playtech offer not only an exciting games portfolio, but include innovative features in the games. The online pokies have fantastic audio visual animations and exciting bonus features. Casino games like blackjack offer features that assist you in making the optimum play.

Both the number of games offered and the range of games offered are important in choosing the best Australian online casinos. Apart from online pokies, these online casinos offer video poker variants, table games like roulette, blackjack and craps and scratch cards. You must select an online casino that continuously adds to its portfolio of games. The best online casinos would add at least a dozen games a year from software providers who have established themselves as being the best of the best – companies like Microgaming and Playtech who already offer up one of the most exciting online pokie playing experiences stretched across an incredible portfolio of successful programs.

Top 3 Online Casinos For Aussie Punters


Payout Speed – 48 hours average
Deposit Options: CC/PayPal/NETELLER/PaySafeCard
Compatibility – Andriod/Mac/PC
Signup Bonus – up to $1000

Operating Since:

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best online casino for australians

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Payout Speed – 48 hours average
Deposit Options: CC/PayPal/NETELLER/PaySafeCard
Compatibility – Andriod/Mac/PC
Signup Bonus – up to $750

Fotolia eps

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Payout Speed – 48 hours average
Deposit Options: CC/PayPal/NETELLER/PaySafeCard
Compatibility – Andriod/Mac/PC
Signup Bonus – up to $1600

jackpot city top online casino for Australians

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Free Pokies Download

We love a good poke, that much we’ve established but with pubs banning smoking in every area except the pokie room it is becoming harder and harder to enjoy the ambience – especially for those who don’t smoke. But now thanks to the marvels of technology I can continue to enjoy playing my favourite Pokies like Big Red and Queen of the Nile from the comfort of my home – or wherever I have a PC and an internet connection for that matter.
More and more people are having the same epiphany as I did and are downloading and enjoying playing on their favourite slot machines whilst enjoying the fact that not only are they comfortable at home, they also enjoy the fact you have a choice to play for free – with every slot machine and online pokie providing you with an option to play with pretend credits and get to know the game a bit more.

There’s hundreds of pokies to choose from, and whilst our competitors will charge you to download their slots games, with us it’s free (and always will be).

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Today we all have the luxury of technology, and let’s be honest; this is a great thing. Back in the old days when pokies became famous they were purely mechanical and required people to go to them to experience the extreme fun they offered all with limited features and effects. Today you can stay home in lavish comfort and bypass all of the negatives for a superior performance all from your home computer. Stay home and take your time picking which pokie will grace your monitor for hours of pleasure as you watch the lights flash every time you win.

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The pokies we recommend all have amazing features, great graphics and sound, and they are a million times better than the pokies you get in your local pub or RSL. These pokies are top quality, and you can play them at home now. What’s more, the RTP rates on these free online pokies are around 95% – which is a far cry better than the legal standards of 86%. What this means is more wins more often – and of course this is all from the comfort of your home or office – or whereever it is you want to play your favourite Pokie – because now with Mobile gameplay there really is no limit to what and where you enjoy your next gambling experience.

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