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Mobile Slots and Mobile Casino Games Are So 2016

mobile casino games are popular like smartphones and tabletsRecent statistical data on Mobile phone usage and the number of users who utilise their smartphones and tablets to access online services reveals a trend that puts the mobile and smart devices way ahead of the traditional PC – in fact the desktop is dying a rather pathetic death – and with the popularity of online gambling and the various casino slots and free pokies that are available to play it is little wonder that the online casinos are turning their attention to the tablet and smartphone.

A quick glance at the online gambling and mobile casino landscape reveals the fact that the best mobile casino offers come from the already established and highly trusted online casinos – which I guess makes sense…but having the best online casino software and playing experience through your desktop device doesn’t necessarily mean the mobile casino version will be the same, in fact it is not uncommon for larger well established casinos (or any company for that matter) to rest on their laurels and ‘drop the ball’ as it were.

With that in mind we thought we’d take a look at our favourite 3 Online Casinos and find out if they’ve managed to improve the gaming experience or whether their attempts at mobile slots and mobile casino games is a huge flop.

But before that let’s explore the world of Mobile slots and Mobile casino games to find out whether they are growing in popularity simply because of the growth in mobile phone usage or if they are genuinely a better online casino option that provides a richer mobile gambling experience

Mobile Slots Vs. Desktop Slots


If you’re already familiar with the type of online casino games and online pokies available to you through some of the more established online casinos like Spin Palace then you are already aware of the high levels of gameplay, interaction and features that the online slots and free pokies no download no registration provide. I won’t therefore waste either of our time analysing or reviewing the original pokies and casino slot games – if you want to see for yourself then check out some of the free pokies here. Instead let’s focus on those features and options exclusive to the mobile casino platform and the games provided through your tablet or smartphone and see what’s what..

play a range of casino slots at Spin Palace online casino

Why We Prefer to Play Mobile Games and Absolutely Love Mobile Slots!

It took about 5 minutes for us to realise that the gaming experience playing our favourite slots on our tablets and mobile devices was sooooooo much better than the desktop equivalent! We all agree that the high quality retina display on the iPad and the extremely high definition image provided by our Samsung smart phones and other 4G phones was beyond expectation and almost immediately enhanced the gameplay of the slots game we were enjoying…. which for the record was Mega Moolah – the highest paying online slots game ever and one that will pay us me the Mega Progressive Jackpot and make me the next millionaire….any day now. Annnnny day.

mega moolah by microgaming is best online slots

Click the image above to check out the Mobile version of this popular online slots game and see for yourself what we’re rabbiting on about. And remember it’s totally free to play, with no download and no registration!

Mobile Betting – Safety and Security

mobile casino security and bankingThere are a number of different factors associated with mobile casino security – although it is important to note that none of these differ from the security measures in place for the main desktop version of the online casino. In fact the only difference from a security and safety perspective is the way you are accessing the online casino. Once you have logged in to your account you are provided with the same levels of banking security and personal security that you have come to expect from the best existing online casino sites.

For those wanting something a little more concrete than our word for it, you will find links and resources to the legal and licensing stuff that matters most along the bottom or sidebar of the good online casino and mobile casino sites. Information should include all of the following information at a minimum – and if it is not readily available then either ask or leave – no point gambling your hard earned money at a mobile casino that can’t make their legal and security policies publicly known and easily available.

  • Licenses – At every site there should be information on where the site is registered. There will also be a license number and a crest to authenticate the site’s legality. (See our licensing and authority body resource)
  • Encryption – Some sites will have information on their encryption, although you may need to locate the privacy policy to learn more.
  • Banking – Entering bank details can be of concern. Instead use alternative payment methods like Ukash, PayPal, Skrill or EntroPay. These will minimise the exposure to your bank details.
  • Random Number Generators – If you want to go really deep then you can see who provides the random number generator and what company tested it.

Mobile Casino Software – The Brains Behind The Games


mobile online casino software manufacturersIt doesn’t matter how good the online casino’s services are, how lucrative the Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonus is, or how awesome the free pokies look at first glance; Without the right software running behind the scenes it is all for nothing. To use an analogy, it’s like buying a Ferrari because it’s all shiny and red only to discover it has a 50cc lawn mower engine in it!

The Mobile casino software is the engine that powers your online gaming experience and as such it is imperative that you go with one of the following 3 online casino software manufacturers. These are the high horsepower heroes of the online gambling world and the guys who will take your mobile slots experience from idle to pole position and on to a win in no time at all.

  • MicroGaming – without doubt the leader and stand out software provider. Microgaming is owner of Mega Moolah and holds claim to paying out more than any other company – creating more instant online millionaires than anyone else in the online gaming vertical.
  • PlayTech – one of the best online and mobile casino software providers and a consistent performer when it comes to creeating enjoyable and interactive casino games, freeslots and online pokies
  • NetEnt – a Relatively new player in the online gaming software world but has established themselves with some of the most groundbreaking games and incredible graphics ever seen on a mobile device. The future of mobile casino slots and smart phone games is safe as long as NetEnt continue to play


Mobile Casino Game FUNctionality

Nothing matters more on mobile slots than the ease and enjoyment of play. Especially on the small screen of your Android or iPhone… which I will need to edit shortly considering how fast the screen size is increasing YoY! Therefore factors like how easy it is to see, enjoy and ultimately play slots on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet becomes paramount. On an Android or Windows tablet or iPad casino things become a little more complicated as the experience on a larger screen is more forgiving, but the commands need to be intuitive and intelligent. Many casino software companies have tried to release some of their less intelligent online slots on mobile as they are easier to convert, but if the game play isn’t what we are used to playing on the big screen, we probably won’t enjoy it on a smaller scale. It is for this reason that the above 3 software companies have been recommended and made the list… but we still need to establish which of the online casino sites is the one to pick – and although this really does come down to personal preference and your preferred playing style, we can at least narrow it down to 2 or 3 for you so you can be assured whichever mobile casino you choose to enjoy a no deposit bonus at will be one you thoroughly enjoy the gameplay at and truly immerse yourself in the free pokies and mobile slots offered.

The Best Mobile Casino Sites Reviewed and Tested

best mobile casinos for Australian punters


jackpot city mobile casino

Jackpot City Mobile Casino offers mobile slots players more than just a standard Microgaming online casino experience.

Jackpot City is one of the most well respected and long established online casinos currently available (read our review of the non Mobile Casino here)- and it goes without saying that there Mobile Casino has been built using the same platform, with usability and player enjoyment their primary goal. Of course the fact that Jackpot City uses Microgaming software to power their range of mobile slots and free online pokies That said, Jackpot City casino has a few great features to offer that makes it stand out from the rest of the Microgaming pack. It is also the reason why, when we are in the mood to play Microgaming mobile casino slots, Jackpot City mobile casino is usually where we go.

Aside from JackpotCity’s generous double welcome bonus up to $1600, regular players can look forward to even more match bonuses to boost their play with regular daily casino bonuses. You’ll also qualify for the casino’s loyalty program which rewards you with cash back and other fun-themed promotions packed with great giveaways. There are few mobile casinos that provide the same level of service from online to mobile. Not so with JackpotCity casino, who want the mobile phone and tablet casino players to get the same great level of service and promotions as on their online desktop site. If anything I would say they are even MORE GENEROUS with the mobile casino players – probably due in part to the statistics we first looked at regarding mobile and desktop usage and the continuing trend towards a mobile and tablet interface.

JackpotCity mobile casino is compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices including Android, Blackberry, iPhones, iPads and other tablets. It’s an instant play casino, so the free slots require no download to your phone or tablet and you can play the casino slots and pokies totally free –  once you’ve registered of course. Registration does not necessitate putting any real money down and will allow you to continue to play free pokies and mobile slots for as long as you choose.

Click the below banner to checkout our top rated mobile casino – Jackpot City – and start enjoying some of the best online slots from the comfort of…wherever you are! – Ah the beauty of mobile gaming


jackpot city top online casino for Australians


mobile phone casino spin palace australia

Spin Palace is THE online casino for Aussies – not to mention the rest of the world, and is without doubt our personal favourite, and that of 100’s of 1000’s of punters across the globe – so when they launched their own mobile casino app we wanted to check it out as soon as possible!

Have Spin Palace continued to improve on their exceptional level of service and range of casino games and free slots or have they rested on their laurels and hoped their existing customer base would accept whatever they threw at them via their Mobile casino app? We grabbed our smart phones and iPads and logged in for a poke and a thorough review of Spin Palace’s Mobile Casino environment.

First things First – Who Provides the Mobile Casino Software?

I think it goes without saying that the highest rated online casino in Australia uses the highest rated online casino software to power their online pokies and mobile slots – and the partnership with Microgaming is one that has been around for longer than anyone can remember. Spin Palace and Microgaming work closely together to bring the players feedback into the next generation of casino games and freeslots, with the understanding that enhanced gameplay and further interaction brings the experience to a whole new level, and apart from the higher payout rates and frequent wins – it is the most important aspect of the mobile casino and online gaming experience – according to the latest poll and feedback from punters of online sports betting and mobile casino sites.

Check out the best mobile and online casino and get instant access to the dashboard and every slots game whilst on your iPad or Smartphone – or any mobile device whether it be Android or Apple based. You will be offered the chance to download the requisite app to be able to access and play your favourite pokies and casino slot games at Spin Palace’s Mobile Casino – the ultimate all slots mobile casino for those on the go.

spin palace online mobile casino