Double Down Casino & Facebook.

We Review the top rated social casino apps and find out what all the fuss is about. We also take a look at some of these supposed cheats and hacks to obtain free double down chips and unlimited free coins to find out whether they are legitimate or just another way to guarantee yourself a life ban from the authorised channels.


Free Coins and Double Down Casino Cheats

With lots of choices available, casino games lovers are probably having a hard time choosing what games to play at Double Down Casino. Blackjack, roulette, poker or slots? Tournament or playing by yourself? All these options are available at this social casino app. But how to get as many Double Down Casino Facebook free chips to enjoy more playing time? That’s probably the most frequently asked question of all FAQs.


If It Seems Too Good to be True….

Yep, you guessed it

Players want to keep on playing online casino games. But there is a challenge facing them: the chips. So, where to get them?

To answer this question, players turn to the internet for answers. And naturally, the web has so many answers for this single question. If Double Down Casino boasts of a wide selection of games, the internet, too can offer a wide variety of answers.

There are the voucher codes, which players need to input. These codes are a combination of letter, numbers or symbols.

There are also other hacks such as the vigorous clicking. Some sites claim that rapidly clicking on a certain button of the app will yield players plenty of chips.

This is Why it’s a Social Casino App

Double Down Casino is a social casino application. By the definition alone, it means that players are enticed to become more social.

If you’ve had established solid and good friendships in this lifetime, and then you would know that friends share to their peers their new discovery such as places, restaurants, fitness classes and appliances, for example. This is how Double Down Casino works, too. It’s meant to be enjoyed and shared by friends.

More Friends, More Chips

manage your money when betting onlineHaving friends is indeed a gift. And if one wants to be blessed with many chips, then invite as many friends to get more of those Double Down Casino Facebook free chips. This is the only legitimate way to get them. First time-players are given a million chips, and existing players get more daily when they play every day.

A player can receive the Double Down Casino Facebook free chips from their friends each day.  If you have been receiving invites from friends to try this social casino app, it’s because they want to gain more playing time. And similar to the loyalty program of online casinos, Double Down Casino rewards players for bringing in friends to play the games. And the rewards are those free chips.

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